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In 1930s London, celebrity psychiatrist Anselm Rees is discovered dead in his locked study, and there seems to be no way that a killer could have escaped unseen. There are no clues, no witnesses, and no evidence of the murder weapon. Stumped by the confounding scene, the Scotland Yard detective on the case calls on retired stage magician-turned-part-time sleuth Joseph Spector. For who better to make sense of the impossible than one who traffics in illusions?

Short Stories

Joseph Spector

“Jack Magg’s Jaw: A Puzzle Mystery” (originally published by The Strand Magazine)

“Incident at Widow’s Perch” (originally published in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine)

“The Indian Rope Trick” (originally published in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine)

“The Octagonal Room” (originally published in Millhaven Tales, subsequently reprinted in Bodies in the Library from Flame Tree Press)

“The Footless Phantom” (originally published in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine)

“The Sleeper of Coldwreath” (originally published in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine)

“What Happened to Mathwig” (originally published in SOVAS-Award winning Wrong Turn anthology)


“Hester’s Gift” (Mysterious Bookshop exclusive)

“The Only Living Boy in New York” (originally published in Paranoia Blues: Crime Stories Inspired by the Songs of Paul Simon from Down & Out Books, edited by Josh Pachter)

“Heatwave” (originally published in Detective Thrillers from Flame Tree Press, subsequently reprinted in The Best Mystery Stories of the Year 2021 from The Mysterious Press, edited by Lee Child)

“Invisible Death” (originally published in Mystery Weekly, subsequently reprinted in Chilling Crime from Flame Tree Press)

“The Wager” (originally published in Crimson Streets)

“The Whittaker-Chambers Method; or, Mulligan’s Last Mystery” (originally published in Cosy Crime from Flame Tree Press)

“Vandergiessen’s Daughter; or, The Door to Nowhere” (originally published in Detective Mysteries from Flame Tree Press)

“The Walnut Creek Vampire” (originally published at the Crime Readers’ Association website)

“Storm Season” (originally published in Who Knocks?)

“Operation Glow-Worm: A Doomsday Memoir” (originally published in Lighthouse)

“The Earthling Diaries” (originally published by Drunk Monkeys)

“A Cluster of Stick-Figures” (originally published in THAT Literary Review)