“[A] loving tribute to the locked-room master John Dickson Carr and a sharply drawn period piece.”

New York Times, July 8th 2022

“Set in London, Mead’s stellar debut and series launch, an homage to golden age crime fiction, in particular the works of John Dickson Carr, introduces magician Joseph Spector. […] Mead maintains suspense throughout, creating a creepy atmosphere en route to satisfying reveals. Puzzle mystery fans will eagerly await the sequel.”

Publishers Weekly, April 2022 (**STARRED REVIEW**)

“This debut, a tribute to John Dickson Carr and other Golden Age masters of the locked-room mystery, will appeal to nostalgia buffs and fans of the classics”

Library Journal, April 2022 (**STARRED REVIEW**, Debut of the Month)

“Mead’s debut novel is a valentine to the locked-room puzzles of John Dickson Carr, to whom it is dedicated […] Mead faithfully replicates all the loving artifice and teasing engagement of golden-age puzzlers in this superior pastiche.”

Kirkus Reviews, April 2022

“This is how you write books set in the Golden Age – other homage and pastiche authors should take note. This is a magnificent book and deserves the widest audience possible.”

In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel, June 2022

“[Death and the Conjuror] is a delightful read and one I really enjoyed. […] Highly recommended.”

5 Minutes for Books, June 2022

“You would definitely need a sharper mind than mine if you hope to solve this mystery before the main characters do, but that didn’t stop me avidly devouring the book and wanting more of Joseph Spector and his impossible investigations.”

Bookshine and Readbows, July 2022

***** “I am truly amazed by this wonderful masterpiece […] I can’t wait to see what happens next with Joseph Spector.”

Nana’s Book Reviews, July 2022

***** “I am so hoping this is the beginning of a long and prolific series involving these characters.” 

I Read What You Write, July 2022

***** “It’s a page turner I couldn’t put down and loved. I hope to read other stories featuring Spector and Flint. Highly recommended.”

Anna Maria Giacomasso, July 2022

“Fans of Agatha Christie and John Dickson Carr will be positively delighted to dive into Tom Mead’s debut novel! Death and the Conjuror is a classic Golden Age locked room whodunnit with a cocktail of eccentric characters and delicious twists and turns. The fact that the author opens the story behind the scenes of a production called Miss Death and then structures the pace of the novel to parallel the acts of a play is just another example of the attention to detail that makes this book so unique. The clues are all there for you to find, dear reader, but can you find them? And if you do indeed find them, can you connect the dots before the Conjuror does? I myself was not successful but I had a blast trying – and I think you will too!”

Reading Is My Superpower, July 2022

“Best of all for me is Joseph Spector himself, a detective I can easily see commanding a long series of written exploits. […] Spector now carries off a full-length adventure with aplomb and wit. Tom Mead is a welcome addition to the ranks of modern authors embracing the classic style […] and I look forward with anticipation to Spector’s next case.”

Ah Sweet Mystery!, July 2022