Appearances and Events

“Making the Impossible Possible”: PW Talks with Tom Mead

As well as a fabulous **STARRED REVIEW**, Publishers Weekly also ran an interview with me. It was a pleasure chatting to journalist Lenny Picker about Death and the Conjuror, and impossible crimes in general. You can read the resulting article here.

Crippen & Landru Presents: Impossible Crimes

It was an honour to appear alongside Douglas Greene, Martin Edwards and Gigi Pandian for a Zoom roundtable discussion of my favourite topic: impossible crimes!

Something Is Going To Happen

When my story “The Indian Rope Trick” appeared in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, I was asked to write a guest post for the EQMM blog. To read the resulting post, “Keys to the Kingdom: Unlocking the Locked Room,” click here.

Kevin’s Corner

I have been fortunate enough to contribute guest posts to Kevin Tipple’s excellent (and award-winning) blog not once but TWICE.

To read “5 Underrated Locked-Room Mysteries” click here.

To read “5 Underrated Locked Room Short Stories” click here.

In GAD We Trust

It was a pleasure to appear on Jim Noy’s excellent podcast In GAD We Trust to talk about a particular subsection of impossible crime: the “no-footprints” problem. You can listen to the whole thing here.

Begin- Derbyshire Writing School Podcast

Many thanks to Pete and Laura for interviewing me for the Derbyshire Writing School podcast. Listen here.